Journey reached to Sumgayit

6 May 2017

Baku 2017 nation-wide travel which started in the Caspian Sea reached yesterday Sumgayit that is final round. This tour held in 15 regions of Azerbaijan has given Sports Day morale to our people at the same time it has given a sense of solidarity and joy.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev started "Travel starting from the Caspian” on April 5. Now, Travel reached to the last address has returned to the Caspian Sea world's biggest dam, surrounded by dry. On this momentous day the event was held yesterday morning around the Caspian Sea.

Water ceremony was shown by filling water into pitcher by Salim İmranlı football fan, Presidential scholar, honored worker of physical culture and sport Mammad Eyvazov, Greco-Roman wrestling champion among young people, World Cup silver medalist Nofal Babayev. Later water pitcher was presented in the Water Festival held in the evening.

Then, at noon, another great project "Sport joys - Regional sporting event" was implemented in Sumgayit Olympic Sports Complex as part of "Domestic Grassroots" program. Different sport competitions were organized in the event in order to promote Baku 2017, the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games and attract young people. Honorable Baku 2017, the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games Athlete Ambassador Ilham Zekiyev, Baku 2017's Star Ambassadors Rafael Isgandarov, Coskun Rahimov, M. Abbasov and Tunzala Agayeva and Haji Nuran were among the guests of the event. The event participants had fun and colorful moments.

The ceremony was followed by water festival held at the Flag Square in the evening. People coming from different places having free access to the event enjoyed performance of Mirvari dance group, Fahmin Ahmadli, Leyla Mammadova and Tunzala Agaeva and  spectacular water effects and fireworks.

At the same time, the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on April 5 handing over water pitcher filled with water of the Caspian Sea were introduced to the people at the beginning of the water festival.

Greco-Roman wrestling champion among young people, World Cup silver medalist Nofal Babayev said: “Every athlete representing our country feels the responsibility, and of course thinks only to succeed in competitions and does strenuous exercises for this. Both athletes and spectators shall evaluate highly the values of the Islamic Solidarity Games (unity, respect, peace and excellence) and promote these values to everyone coming from other Muslim countries to our country”.

Travel covering the territory of Azerbaijan and starting will end and will be part of Opening Ceremony to be held in Baku on May 12. Travel starting from the Caspian Sea, and covering more than 3,000 km distance covered 15 regions within 37 days.

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