Journey from the Caspian reaches Gakh

26 April 2017

Another destination of the Water Journey from the Caspian within Baku-2017 IV Islamic Solidarity Games is Gakh region.

The water journey started from Ram-rama waterfalls in ancient Ilisu village in Gakh region which is one of wonderful places in the country.
Ilisu village located along the banks of the Kurmuk and Hamamchay rivers 12 km from the administrative centre of the region and 1400 m above the sea level is an ancient settlement in Azerbaijan. The area has numerous historical monuments and is known for thermal waters and wonderful waterfalls. The most well-known of them is Ram-rama waterfall. It starts in Latlar spring high in the mountains, is 70 meters high and considered to be the highest waterfall in Azerbaijan. Local residents of Ilisu call the waterfall the diamond in the crown of the village. During severe winter season the waterfall freezes and mysterious landscape emerges.

Water ceremony started from filling water vessel at Ram-rama waterfall in the morning. Pupil of secondary school No.5, amateur dancer and volleyball player Ayshan Huseynova, bronze medalist of European Greek-Roman wrestling championship Ali Aminzadeh, USSR master of sports in freestyle wrestling Mammad Gasimov filled the vessel.

In the afternoon regional sport event was held in Gakh Olympics Complex within Domestic Grassroots program of Baku-2017 IV Islamic Solidarity Games.  Tunzala Aghayeva, star ambassador of the Games, performed at the event saying IV Islamic Solidarity Games to be held in Baku will be significant event in the country and wished good luck to athletes.

Within Water Journey from the Caspian program Water Festival was held in the central square of Gakh town in the evening followed with concert show and fireworks. Gakh residents enjoyed the festival very much.

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