Journey from the Caspian in Garadagh

4 May 2017

Baku 2017 nationwide starting from the Caspian Sea was the guest of Garadagh yesterday. This tour taking place in 15 regions of our country will give sport holiday morale to our people and at the same time it will give a sense of solidarity and joy.

On this momentous day the event for the first time was organized around Masazir lake yesterday morning. Masazir lake in Absheron is considered to be one of eight "pink lake"s in the world. Its unusual color is explained by microorganisms living in the water.

Water Ceremony was demonstrated by filling water from pitcher by chess and art lover Mirakram Bagirli, gold medalists of World and European Championships in karate Saadi Namazov and and gold medalist of World Championship in boxing  Farhad Ajalov. The pitcher was presented in Water festival held in the evening. Note that the pitcher that has began to travel from Baku  will be part of the Opening Ceremony to be held at the Baku Olympic Stadium on 12 May. 

Then, at noon, another project Sport joys - Regional sporting event" was held in Garadagh Sports Training Base of Neftchi Football Club Social Union  in the framework of "Domestic Grassroots" program. Different sport competitions were organized in the event in order to promote Baku 2017, the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games and attract young people to the sports. Among the guests of the event there were  Rafael Isgandarov, Coskun Rahimov, M. Abbasov star ambassadors of Baku 2017, the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games and Haji Nuran star ambassador of Baku 2017 Games. The event was very funny and interesting.  

The ceremony in the evening continued with Water Festival held in Garadagh district Heydar Aliyev Park. Region residents having free access to the event enjoyed the performance of Mirvari dance team, Ashig Ali and Ashig Samira, Azerbaijani rhythms song and dance ensemble, spectacular water effect and fireworks.

At the same time, video of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev handing over water pitcher filled with water of Caspian Sea to the residents of Garadagh on April 5 were presented to the public at the beginning of water ceremony.

Farhad Ajalov gold medalist of in boxing said: "This event is a social event having both sports, and unity, tolerance values. I am proud to be a part of the event.

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