Journey from the Caspian

14 March 2017

Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games has today announced the route of the Journey from the Caspian, which will start with a ceremony at the Stone Chronical Museum in Baku on 5 April, before visiting 15 locations across Azerbaijan in the build up to the Opening Ceremony, which will take place on 12 May at the Baku Olympic Stadium.

Water, the source of life, and a symbol of purity and unity within Islam, will be the main theme of the Journey from the Caspian. During the launch ceremony, 16 children from across Azerbaijan will each be presented with a copper Baku 2017 Water Vessel, containing water from the Caspian Sea, which they will take back to their home towns and cities. In doing so, they will bring the spirit of the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games to the people of Azerbaijan.

Over the course of its journey, which will exceed 3,000 kms in 37 days, the Journey from the Caspian will visit 15 spectacular water locations across Azerbaijan. At each location, water will be collected, which will later be used as part of the Opening Ceremony on 12 May.
On each occasion this Water Ceremony will be followed by an evening Water Festival at which the Baku 2017 Water Vessel, containing the waters from the Caspian Sea will be presented. This free celebration, which is open to everyone, will include performances by Azerbaijani music and dance acts, spectacular water effects and brilliant fireworks.

Operation Committee of Baku 2017 stated considerable role of the project which will start it’s itenerary from the Caspian and promises covering the whole country, showcasing  its beauty, history, culture and traditions.

It worth noting that The Baku 2017 Water Vessels, beautifully crafted in three sizes from smooth and hammered copper, were inspired by Azerbaijani metalworking technics, and traditional vessel designs from across the Islamic world.

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