History of March Genocide

31 March 2017

Brilliantly taking advantage of WWI and revolutions in Russia in February and October 1917, Armenians achieved their goals under Bolsheviks flag. Since March 1918 a hateful plan was launched by Baku Commune allegedly to fight anti-revolutionary insurgents but in fact aimed at wiping out Azerbaijanis from Baku region. Crimes that Armenians committed those days will always be remembered by Azerbaijani people. Thousands of peaceful Azerbaijanis were killed just because of their ethnic origin. Armenians burned people alive in their houses. They destroyed national architecture marvels, schools, hospitals, mosques and other monuments and devastated large part of Baku.

Extremely brutal acts of Azerbaijani genocide were committed in Baku, Shamakhi, Guba, Karabakh, Zangezur, Nakchivan, Lankaran and other regions of Azerbaijan. Civilian population of these areas was wiped off, villages were burned down, national cultural monuments were destroyed.

After establishment, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic focused on the developments that occurred in March 1918. On June 15, 1918 the Cabinet of Ministers resolved to create extraordinary investigative commission to address the tragedy. The commission first investigated atrocities committed in Shamakhi and major crimes that Armenians committed in Irevan province. In order to communicate the truth about these developments, specialized unit was established at the Foreign Ministry. For the first time, in 1919 and 1920 March 31 was declared the mourning day by Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.  In fact, it was the first attempted political assessment of Azerbaijani genocide and over a century-long occupation of our land. However, fall of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic undermined this effort.

Accusations directed against Azerbaijani people's moral values, national pride and identity preconditioned political intrusion and military intervention. Due to failed political and legal assessment of genocide policy conducted against our nation, Armenians managed to conceal historical facts in the Soviet media and distorted public opinion. Armenians benefited from the Soviet regime while leadership of the Republic of Azerbaijan failed to give timely assessment to anti-Azerbaijani propaganda of Armenians that had been ongoing all the time and intensified in mid-1980s.

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