Swimming Winter Championships held in Baku

24 February 2017

Azerbaijan Swimming Winter Championships organized by Ministry of Sports and Youth, Azerbaijan Swimming federation and Aquatic Palace is held on February 23-25. The main goal of the championship is promoting and developing swimming as sport to the audience. Moreover, the results of the championship will determine athletes who are will participate as a part of the national team in Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games.
“We’re having 2 days long swimming race. Every federation is now preparing for Islamic Games. This race is actually a part of our preparatory work. I think that we’ll show some great results during the Games.” – these worlds were said by Rashad Abdurahmanov, head coach of the national swimming team and Aquatic Palace.

History of swimming
Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and individual medley performed in 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 meters long courses.
Swimming was a part of military training in ancient Greece and Rome.  Swimming races were also held in ancient Rome, Roman palaces were often equipped with swimming pools. And in Japan there were Emperor order about mandatory swimming classes at schools.
After the construction of the first open-air swimming pool in 1828 in Liverpool there were the first official swimming race in 1837 in London and then in 1846 in Australia. Captain Matthew Webb was the first recorded person to swim the English Channel without the use of artificial aids for sport purpose.
After 1882 swimming federations were organized in a lot of European countries. London Metropolitan Swimming club was transformed into Swimming Union in 1896. United States swimming was first nationally organized as a sport by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) on its founding in 1888. Swimming was also included to the programme of 1896 Summer Olympics known as the first international Olympic Games held in modern history. At first, only male athletes participated in the race and then in 1912 women swimming events were included to the official programme. In 1900 backstroke, and then in 1908 freestyle events also made it to the Olympic programme. Butterfly was the last to enter the programme. In 1909 FINA (Federation İnternationale de Natation Amateur) federation was founded in 1909 in London. Before FINA swimming events looked way different from what we see now. The course was 200 meters long and included climbing on bars, passing and then swimming underneath them. Other events included underwater diving for 400 long courses.  

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