Interview with President of Wushu Sanda Federation

7 February 2017

President of Wushu Sanda Federation Azer Hasansoy

- First of all, can tell us more about Wushu, what kind of sport is it?

- Well, Wushu is a full-contact sport which is a compound of all Chinese Traditional Martial Arts. The history of this sport in Azerbaijan dates back to 1989. The first Wushu event was held in 1992. Until 1994 Wushu and many other sports was representing Savalan club.

- What can you say about the work of Wushu Sanda Federation?

- Wushu is a very challenging sport. In order to master it you should a couple of sporting disciplines, moreover rules are also complicated. However, I can say, that our Federation raised great athletes who are representing our country at all events.

- Of how many athletes does the team consists?

- I would say the number of the athletes nowadays is decreasing, simply because they don’t meet my standards. Right now we have 14 athletes in 7 weight classes. I will select one athlete from each weight class to participate in the Games.

- Have athletes already started their training sessions?

- Yes, for a year now our athletes are preparing for the Games by following special training routines.

- It seems like Wushu is a pretty traumatic sport. Are there any injured athletes in the team?

- Well it depends on injury, athlete can get injured right before the start of the event and if it is not serious, he or she can go and compete, but of course getting injured before major sporting event is the worst.

-  For how many times in a day does athletes have their training sessions?

- They are training 3 times in a day.

- Can you name athletes who are promoting this sport overseas?

- Of course we have athletes who are representing this sport and Azerbaijan overseas. For instance, I can name Eldar Alizade who have finished his training in Turkey and is currently promoting Wushu and Muay Thai mortal arts.

- As Federation how do you prepare for Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games?

- We continue to work and held group sessions. We have athletes such as Elchin Eminov, Parviz Abdullayev, Ruslan Piraliyev, who have proved their proficiency and believe they will show great results at Baku 2017. But as you know no one can guarantee winning in sport. Moreover, you may know that Parviz Abdullayev was kickboxer for years, but he has started his career from Wushu. For the past 6 months he is training to represent our team on Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games. We are working hard and hope that our team will show amazing results during the Games.

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