Meet Azerbaijan's 3x3 Basketball players

27 April 2017

The names Azerbaijan's men and women's Basketball 3x3 players has been revealed.

Samit Nuruzade, the men's coach choose Amil Hamzayev, Zaur Pashayev, David Barbakadze and Marshall Mozesa to represent team Azerbaijan at the Games. Our national men`s team will play in group A, competing with national teams from Turkey, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

The women`s team coach Tatyana Slojenitsina choose Dina Ulyanova, Tatyana Deniskina, Abigail Mollenhauer və Marsedes Uolkerə to represent their country. The women will compete against Turkmenistan, Algeria, Mali, Afghanistan.

There are 20 teams; 10 male teams and 10 female teams competing for gold in the Basketball 3x3. A game which is mostly played in "street courts" will be played on half a basketball court, each team consisting of three players and one substitute.

The competition will be held from 18-21 May at Basketball Arena which has a capacity for 1500 spectators. We call on all of you to support our athletes.

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