Table tennis athletes announced

1 May 2017

As known, on May 12-22 IV Islamic Solidarity Games will be held in Baku. The Games will include 20 sport types.
Below is the list of table tennis athletes:

Interview with Fazil Mammadov vice-president of Table Tennes Federation:

"As you know, the Federation strengthened further its development-oriented activities since 2014. Athletes are trained on tennis tables in Shua sports health but  they are just the athletes of Federation in competitions.  At Federation we create the necessary conditions for those who have a passion for tennis. Whether young or youth and veterans can engage in table tennis here. By the way, as all kinds of sports tennis promises health to every amateur.

We started competitions since 2014. We bring to your attention our training meetings held. Since we launched the competition in 2014 cu. We had to bring to your attention the training meetings. So, in 2014 (9), 2015 (9) and in 2016 (8) attended international tournament,  in 12 training meetings held in Baku, Poland, and China XR. Traditionally, we are implementing social projects. We have organized meetings for children with autism, as well as convected children with underage. We have organized show for convicted children and it calls them for their social activism, and inspire them. Table tennis is a sport that whether professional or amateur can deal. The important aspect is that it eliminates the problems of the eye. Children are encouraged to become involved in the sport from an early age.  In addition to our own athletes we are preparing young children to the sport of table tennis. Teachers are also send to the specialization courses. We are moving under slogan of "Towards Development".

Furthermore, the sections schools, sports academies, Olympic complexes) fully equipped with the necessary sports equipment for table tennis are operating in 10 regions. On the other hand, we, employees of Federation, have established  "Karabakh" Table Tennis club for promotion of club system. We are always working towards physical and moral protection of the health of our young people, improvement of sports and physical education. From December 2016 to February 2017 our athletes participated in training camp in  China PR. As you know, legionnair staff have a special place among our athletes.
Our athletes have won 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals in international tournaments in 2015 and, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals in the international competitions and championships in 2016. We will participate in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games as  individual and team. Currently training camp is in progress and our expectations are great.

Athletes of table tennis are already is known:



 1. Allahverdiyev Vazir   
1. Imanova Maryam
 2. Yu Xinhang         
 2. Ning Zhing
3. Yang Xinyu     
3. Chen Xingtai 
4. Wang Chenxi        
4.  Wang Miao

I hope that our team staff will show best results. I invite each of table tennis fans you to support the national athletes  in the competitions that will be held at Sarhadchi sport complex may 17-22."

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