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17 February 2017

"Tennis is a sport played by two people or two teams of two. The objective of this game is to throw the ball so that it won't be returned by your opponent".

Tennis is a sport played by two people or two teams of two. The objective of this game is to throw the ball so that it won't be returned by your opponent".
The word "tennis" comes from the English word "lawn". It is the most popular sport played with a racket and a ball in the world.
This kind of sport was played in Italy, France and Great Britain in XIII-XIV centuries as a game in which one person threw ball with one hand to the opposite side of the net. First rackets appeared 2 centuries later, in XVI century. Modern Tennis began to develop in 1873 in Great Britain. 
First tennis tournament was held in Wimbledon, Great Britain in 1877. Now, this championship became a tradition and is considered one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments.
This world famous kind of sport was included in Olympic programme in 1896.
Tennis is now in Europe for 700 years. In Azerbaijan people learned about this game from German and English people who worked here on oil rigs. The first tennis court in Baku was established in 1907 in Surakhani, on the territory of the summer house of billionaire Nobel. According to this fact, Azerbaijani tennis history starts in 1907.   
Year by year, tennis's popularity grew and eventually championships were organized. The first Tennis Championship of Azerbaijan was held in 1927. The first Azerbaijani male champion was P.Mostman and the first female champion was A.Buravseva.
The Tennis Federation of Azerbaijan was formed in 1995.
Sabira Abdullayeva (Assistant Sport Competition Manager for Tennis in AISGOC) : "Tennis is one of the most resource-intensive sports. There is a misconception that tennis is only popular in the West, but The Islamic Solidarity Games will show that Muslim nations can also successfully compete.

The Azerbaijani team will start their training sessions in March, and that's what the Baku Tennis Academy is for: there the athletes will be provided with all needed equipment. Now the athletes are taking part in several tournaments, and I believe that they, too, will help them improve for the Islamic Games. Six male and four female teams will represent Azerbaijan at the Games. Usually there are 4 members in each team, but since Azerbaijan is a host country, it was allowed for the male teams to have 2 additional athletes.
 Our athletes are strong and they make up strong teams. With teams like these, we can surely expect victories. I believe in their ability to reach great results in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games."
It's worth mentioning that the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games will begin on the 12th of May and continue for 11 days, during which the athletes will compete for 14 medal sets.

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