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17 February 2017

Judo (Ju - meaning "gentle” and Do – meaning “way”) is Japanese martial art. It was created as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy in Japan, in 1882, by Jigoro Kano. Jigoro Kano became the President of Olympic Committee of Japan and member of International Olympic Committee. 
During this time another Japanese martial art Jujitsu was popular not only in Japan but around the world. However, this martial art was very injury-prone and was not suitable as a physical educational program.

Jigoro was a teacher and he always thought about physical and spiritual education of young generation. That’s why he pulled the best out of throws and grappling techniques, added some of his own, and removed such dangerous techniques as foot and hand strikes with the help of Ervin Bels who was a doctor at University of Tokio. He called this sport Kodokan Judo. Judo breaks down into ju (gentle) and do (way or path) or "the gentle way." This new kind of mortal art was taught at the first Judo institution – Kadokan. Even today Kadodan is the centre of Judo culture, promoting this Japanese mortal art to the world.

Kano tried to attract as many people to Judo as possible. He said that even the weakest person can win over the strongest with the help of Judo techniques. As the time past, people fled to Kadokan with one goal – to learn the secrets of Judo.  It did not take long until students of Kadokan proved themselves on international arenas, competing with students of other martial arts schools.

 “On Baku 2017 Islamic Games Judo and Blind Judo events will be held at Heydar Aliyev Arena on May 13. We’ll hold events among 7 weight groups in Judo and we are planning to have 3-4 weight groups in Blind Judo. We expect 225 athletes from 32 countries.
International NTO, ITO referees as well as our national referees will monitor all events.

Moreover, on May, 10 Baku will host Grand Slam Championships and athletes from different countries will come our city to compete with each other.

Athletes who will participate in Baku 2017 Islamic Games will come to our country on May, 10. As a Sport Manager I believe in our national team and I hope for the best of results.” – these words were said by Tural Piriyev who is Sport Manager for Judo in AISGOC.

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