Interview with Secretary General of Weightlifting Federation

16 January 2017

Rizvan Rasulov: "We have enough talented, hard-working athletes. This will most likely result in great accomplishments."

As we are days away from the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, athletes start taking serious preparations for this astonishing sporting event. The Secretary General of Weightlifting Federation Rizvan Rasulov spoke with us about the preparatory work for the Games.

  - Recently the federatinion has undergone a lot of changes, do you think they will bring positive results in near future?

- Of course, we need changes in order to develop our work. At an event attended by the Presidium of Federation, athletes and other specialists, the new couch team for all age group categories was selected. And on the subsequent meeting we also voted for the new board for our teams which includes of men, women and juniors. Overall, we have 12 coaches. 10 of them work with men and juniors and 2 with women.

- In the recent years development of sports skyrocketed in our country. What about the progress of your federation?

- The progress of Weightlifting Federation is noticed by everyone. Our only goal is to move forward and push boundaries.

- As you know our country will host Islamic Solidarity Games on 12-22 of May. Every Federation is now preparing for this global sporting event. What about Weightlifting, do you have a special preparation program?

- As a Federation we have been preparing for the games since last year. Our trainers have a program and the preparations continue according to them. In order to participate in the Games we have to show good results in other competitions before them and we’re focusing on that right now. We are ready to head to Ukraine for the exhibition game next week.

- Is it already known who’ll participate in the Games?

- It’s too early to say. This will become known after we see the results of all the competitions we attend. I believe and hope that we will achieve a great result. We have enough talented, hard-working athletes. This will most likely result in great accomplishments.

- Does age make a difference?

- No, age doesn’t matter whatsoever in our sport. A 15 year old could win and set a world record and we can’t ruin his chances just because of age.

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